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Understanding Repetitive Trauma Injury In Davenport

Of all job-related injuries, repetitive motion injuries are among the most frequent. A tendon’s overuse can result in inflammation or swelling, creating an injury. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and carpal tunnel syndrome are the most well-known forms of repetitive trauma injuries.

Carpal tunnel results from repetitive hand, finger or wrist movement when the intersection of tendons, nerves and arteries in the hand become irritated and inflamed. This painful and often debilitating injury makes work exceptionally challenging, if not impossible.

Tennis elbow results when the outer elbow becomes inflamed in the course of strain or overuse – like carpal tunnel, it is similarly painful and debilitating.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for these types of injuries as well as traumatic injuries occurring in a single incident, on the job. That said, the complexity that these cases present requires expertise in the workers’ compensation process.

This is what Lawyer Leanne Tyler brings to the table in every case.

Davenport, Muscatine, Clinton, and DeWitt Repetitive Motion Injury Attorney

With more than 25 years of workers’ compensation experience, there is no repetitive motion injury for which Leanne Tyler is not prepared. By working directly with clients, Ms. Tyler has provided hundreds of workers with sound information about their options that has helped them secure the needed benefits in the wake of a serious on-the-job injury.

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