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Establishing Paternity Rights And Obligations In Davenport, Iowa

For an unmarried mother or father in Iowa, establishing paternity is a necessary step to establish the rights and obligations of parenthood. Unmarried parents often work together to raise their children, while agreeing not to get married. However, long-term relationships can break down for a variety of reasons. In other situations, a child may be born to parents who had a short-term relationship.

Fathers’ frequently decide to establish paternity to have a legal basis to assert fathers’ rights, including seeking child custody or visitation rights. Mothers’ often choose to establish paternity to ensure the well-being of the child in obtaining child support.

Representing Fathers And Mothers In Establishing Paternity

The legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, in Davenport, Iowa is committed to protecting the best interests of children. Mothers and fathers alike call upon the firm to establish paternity. Whenever the paternity of a child is not legally established, the potential for legal disputes is significant. Experienced Attorney Leanne Tyler has represented hundreds of clients, (including both men and women) in paternity matters. The law firm is well-equipped to address a variety of situations in establishing parental rights and obligations, including:

  • Helping men establish fathers’ rights to obtain custody and visitation and protecting the rights of fathers who want to establish or maintain a parent-child relationship
  • Helping mothers establish parental rights to obtain an enforceable child support order
  • Helping an unmarried parent, father or mother, establish a court ordered custody and visitation.
  • Helping unmarried parents define rights to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected should the adult relationship break down in the future
  • Disestablishing paternity in divorce when the husband is not the biological father of a child born during the marriage

Establishing paternity provides many benefits for the child, including:

  • Creating the legal right of the child to have the financial support of two parents
  • Establishing the legal right of the child to inherit from his or her father
  • Securing the legal right of the child to have a meaningful relationship with the father
  • Allowing the child to have the legal right to medical coverage under the father’s health care plan

Unmarried couples may establish paternity using a paternity affidavit, when the parents agree on parentage and there is no other legally recognized father of the child. The paternity of a legal father must be disestablished before a paternity affidavit will become legally binding. Paternity disputes can arise for a variety of reasons. When the parties disagree about paternity, a court determination is necessary, which is aided by DNA testing. Ms. Tyler represents fathers or mothers who wish to define rights for the future.

Turn To An Experienced Paternity Attorney In Davenport, Iowa To Protect Your Rights

The well-being of children is critically important. The legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, is passionate about guiding clients through uncontested or contested paternity matters. To learn more about establishing paternity rights in Iowa, fill out the brief online contact form or call 563-275-4793.