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Relief For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Davenport

Carpal tunnel syndrome and related conditions are commonly thought to be injuries experienced by office workers and individuals who spend many hours using keyboards. However, this type of injury affects employees in a wide range of industries that require workers to use repetitive motions. Wherever it occurs, it can be debilitating, causing the injured worker to lose functionality in the affected extremity or limb and experience significant pain.

Helping Clients Obtain Benefits

At the Davenport law firm of Tyler & Associates, PC, Attorney Leanne Tyler assists clients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome because of their work. She helps them with all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, ensuring that documentation is correct and that all required information is included. As she does with all workers’ compensation claims, she makes sure that clients obtain the right medical treatment.

Information About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome is defined by Iowa’s workers’ compensation system as a cumulative trauma injury. It cannot be traced to any specific accident or injury, but is rather a result of repeated trauma to muscles, tendons and joints caused by performing the same motion over and over again. Also known as repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome is sometimes hard to diagnose and treat. It is important to obtain the right type of medical care to obtain relief from the pain and loss of ability that usually accompanies this condition.

Common Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At Tyler & Associates, PC, Ms. Tyler assists clients who have developed carpal tunnel syndrome because of:

  • Repeated hand motions on assembly lines, at the computer, in banks and factories
  • Keyboarding/typing among clerical and other workers
  • Lifting and moving in warehouses and manufacturing plants
  • Operating cash registers in supermarkets and other checkout lanes

Attorney Tyler has helped many clients with carpal tunnel syndrome obtain payment for lost wages and medical bills. In private practice since 1987, she has the knowledge and experience to assist clients with their workers’ comp claims from initial application through appeals. She is known for guiding clients through the legal process and giving them sound advice about their options.

To learn more about the Davenport carpal tunnel attorney at Tyler & Associates, PC, call 563-275-4793 toll free. The firm offers free initial consultations in workers’ compensation and personal injury matters