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If you have recently been hurt in a car crash, motorcycle accident, or any other type of roadway accident, hiring a car accident lawyer was probably not your top priority. If a family member was killed, the devastation you feel can easily overshadow the pursuit of your legal right to compensation.

However, it’s likely that the costs associated with your physical recovery or tragic loss will become overwhelming. You may now face insurance companies that are disputing fault for the accident or trying to settle your case for far less money than you deserve. When you want to pursue a personal injury claim in Iowa, the legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, in Davenport, is here for you — ready to investigate immediately after the accident or step in with skilled advocacy later.

We Will Fully Investigate The Accident

Car accidents can be devastating. Individuals involved in car accidents can experience catastrophic injuries, such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and multiple fractures. Additionally, thousands of people die every year in car accidents in the United States. When a car accident turns your life upside down, it is important to consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to learn about your rights and options.

The legal team has the drive and ability to investigate and prepare a strong case across the spectrum of issues that cause car accidents, including but not limited to:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Pursuing dram shop claims against establishments that negligently over-served a patron who later caused a serious drunk driving accident
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Inattentive driving accidents

Time Is Of The Essence

Attorney Leanne Tyler helps clients who were injured in car accidents. In private practice since 1987, Ms. Tyler is able to evaluate your case quickly and determine whether your accident was the result of negligence or misconduct by the other party. She will advise you about the best course of action in your circumstances.

She has helped injured clients obtain compensation for their medical and rehab expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs and damages of a serious car accident.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced Davenport Car Accident Lawyer To Help With Your Case?

Hiring an experienced accident attorney offers numerous benefits when navigating the aftermath of a car accident. First, a seasoned attorney understands the complexities of auto accident claims, which ensures that your case receives the meticulous attention it deserves. They have a deep familiarity with Iowa’s legal landscape and can effectively negotiate with insurance companies, who often aim to minimize the compensation they pay to accident victims. Additionally, they handle all the legal details, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the added stress of paperwork and deadlines.

With a dedicated lawyer by your side, you significantly enhance your chances of securing a fair settlement that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the accident. This professional guidance is invaluable in helping you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

What Are The Most Dangerous Roads In The Quad Cities?

Navigating the Quad Cities requires awareness of the most dangerous roads to ensure your safety while driving. The intersection of John Deere Road and 41st Street in Moline consistently tops the list as the most accident-prone area, recording 38 crashes from 2018 to 2020. Other hazardous intersections include Brady Street at the junction of 65th and Veterans Parkway in Davenport, and East Kimberly Road with Welcome Way, each reporting 15 crashes in the same period. Additionally, Middle Road in Bettendorf, especially near the Interstate 74 off-ramp, has witnessed 10 crashes. Drivers should exercise caution at these locations, remaining vigilant and practicing defensive driving techniques to avoid potential accidents.

Who Can You Sue Following An Auto Accident In The Quad Cities?

In the event of an auto accident in the Quad Cities, determining who you can sue involves identifying the responsible party or parties whose negligence may have contributed to the incident. Typically, this includes the driver of the other vehicle, but can also extend to the owner of the vehicle, or even local government entities if road conditions or signage played a role. Employers can be sued if the accident involved a commercial vehicle during work-related activities.

Securing legal representation is crucial in these cases to navigate the complexities of liability and ensure your rights are protected. A knowledgeable attorney will work diligently to help you obtain fair compensation, striving for maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. This legal advocacy is vital in holding the responsible party accountable and addressing the financial and emotional impact of the auto accident.

How To Contact Us For Your Free Consultation

When injured in a car accident, you may be tempted to deal with the insurance company on your own. Remember that the insurance company’s goal is to make money; paying claims is contrary to that goal. Therefore, you may find that the insurance company delays payment, denies payment altogether, or refuses to pay the full value of the claim. Having an experienced advocate as your lawyer helps you avoid these outcomes. Ms. Tyler works for you and is dedicated to achieving the compensation to which you are entitled.

To learn more Tyler & Associates, PC, and what the firm can do to maximize compensation for the harm you have suffered call 563-275-4793 or send the firm an email now. The firm offers free initial consultations in workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.