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Bettendorf, Iowa And Quad Cities Trial Attorney

Trial-Proven Divorce And Family Law Representation

The legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, in Bettendorf, Iowa, understands that family law issues involve much more than the law. This is a time of great change for you and your family, and the firm is committed to helping get clients through a difficult time to a brighter future.

Divorce and other family law matters are never easy. Emotions run high. Otherwise rational persons sometimes behave badly. In such difficult times, it is important to have the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney who helps clients stay focused on their goals rather than detouring into unnecessary disputes and angry confrontations.

No one benefits from contentious divorce, especially when children are involved. Attorney Leanne Tyler helps clients during some of the most difficult times in their lives: their divorces. The goals of the firm are always focused on protecting clients and their children, providing them with information about the legal process and advocating for a fair resolution.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm Protecting The Rights Of Clients

Clients come to the law firm with many questions about:

  • Child custody — Your children are vitally important to you. You deserve to work with an aggressive trial attorney who knows how to effectively resolve child custody and visitation disputes to maintain a positive parent-child relationship.
  • Financial matters — Attorney Leanne Tyler also has an MBA. Her ability to address financial issues, including dividing marital property, as well as addressing child support and spousal support are clear strengths of the firm — both during divorce and in post-judgment modification and enforcement disputes.
  • Establishing paternity — Unwed parents frequently have disputes over the rights and obligations of parenthood. The firm works with fathers and mothers to protect the well-being of children and provide skilled representation to legally establish parental rights or obligations in paternity actions.

The firm provides full-service family law representation across all areas of family law disputes, including:

  • Divorce, including same-sex divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Child Support Modifications
  • Alimony
  • Paternity
  • Guardianships/Conservatorships
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Restraining orders/Domestic Violence
  • Relocations and multistate divorce issues
  • Contempt issues, including arrears and garnishments

Ms. Tyler is able to provide comprehensive information about the above matters. A lawyer since 1981, she has handled complex family law issues involving divorce, custody, child support, paternity, modifications of initial orders, stepparent adoptions and child support/custody enforcement. In private practice since 1987, Ms. Tyler has handled hundreds of family law matters. She strives to make clients comfortable while being a zealous advocate.

An MBA To Fortify Knowledge In High-Stakes Family Law Disputes

Ms. Tyler also has an MBA, giving her a business-minded approach and an understanding of issues involving business owners in the divorce process, including accounting issues and the requirements sustaining a business after the divorce.

One way she helps clients avoid the distraction of minor disputes during divorce is by helping them understand a spouse’s point of view. By putting clients in their spouses’ shoes, she is able to minimize issues that could slow the process down and curb unnecessary nonproductive disputes.

To learn more about how Tyler & Associates, PC, can help you call 563-275-4793 or contact the firm online now. The firm serves clients throughout eastern Iowa.

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