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Experienced Nursing Home And Hospital Accident Representation In Davenport

Americans rely on health care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals for life-saving and life extending medical care. Nurses, certified nursing assistants and other health care professionals who work hard every day to provide comfort and help people get better. Unfortunately, workers in this honorable profession are exposed to tremendous risks for suffering an on-the-job injury or contracting an occupational illness.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that health care professionals experience nearly double the rate of workplace injury and illness than workers from all other industries, including the construction industry. The on-the-job injury rate is slightly higher in nursing and residential care facilities than the injury rate experienced in hospitals, but the rates are high throughout the profession.

The experienced legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, in Davenport, Iowa, recognizes the need to help injured health care providers and nurses get the full and fair workers’ compensation benefits need to recover from their injuries.

The Iowa workers’ compensation system is designed to provide a streamlined process for injured workers to get the medical care they need and receive compensation for lost wages and disabilities related to a workplace accident or illness. Unfortunately, health care facilities and workers’ compensation insurance companies are in business to make a profit. They do not always want to pay everything a worker is entitled to receive for a health care industry or nursing injury.

Skilled Representation For Nurses And Health Care Workers

Leanne Tyler is well-equipped to seek justice for injuries and occupational illnesses across the spectrum of those that health care workers suffer, including but not limited to:

  • Acute back injuries suffered while moving patients or lifting objects
  • Injuries suffered while working with combative patients
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Repetitive strains, including wrist, back and ankle injuries
  • Occupational illnesses related to exposure to toxins or chemicals
  • Accidents and exposures involving sharps

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You need to focus on caring for yourself after a hospital or nursing home accident. Turn to the experienced lawyer and legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, for aggressive advocacy and unsurpassed personal service in getting the full benefits you deserve. The firm offers free initial consultations for workers’ compensation and personal injury matters. Arrange your confidential consultation through the contact form or call 563-275-4793.