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A Skilled Child Support Lawyer In Davenport

Children and financial issues are two of the most important factors in a divorce or other family law dispute. When they are combined, emotions often run high. An experienced family law attorney can help you evaluate your situation and protect your interests during child support establishment, modification and enforcement hearings.

Safeguarding The Well-Being Of Children And Protecting Parents

The legal team at Tyler & Associates, PC, in Davenport, Iowa has extensive experience representing both mothers and fathers in child support matters. Safeguarding the financial well-being of children following a divorce is always a primary concern of families.

In Iowa, child support is determined based on guidelines that take into account incomes of both parents. In addition, the amount of time spent with each parent is taken into account as well as needs, including health insurance and necessary day care costs. In practice, the guidelines mandate that a court considers the net monthly income of both parties when calculating.

The situation becomes more complex if there are other qualified dependents or other issues, including:

  • Self-reported (self-employment) income or hidden income
  • Variable income
  • Unemployment or underemployment
  • Extraordinary expenses (private tuition, special services)
  • Parenting time adjustment (amount of visitation)

As such, the skill of a knowledgeable attorney becomes extremely beneficial.

No Child Support Dispute Is Too Complex

Because she has been working on these issues for more than two decades, there are few child support issues for which Leanne Tyler is not prepared. She will take into account all issues with which you are dealing to make the strongest argument in your favor. It is her foremost goal to protect the well-being of clients. In cases of extreme complexity, she can reach out to experts to trace accounts or unreported revenue. Ms. Tyler’s MBA is helpful in analyzing unreported revenue. Similarly, if the other parent is not paying court-ordered support, she can pursue enforcement actions.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss divorce and child support guidelines with child support lawyer Leanne Tyler, call 563-275-4793 or email Tyler & Associates, PC, now.