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Understanding Wage And Medical Benefits In Davenport

Traditional workers’ compensation benefits compensate for:

  • All medical expenses, including ambulance, hospital, physician, therapy, rehab medicines, temporary disability and permanent disability benefits, mileage to medical appointments, procedures.
  • Lost wages, both past and future if you cannot return to work or need to take a different job because you can no longer perform the tasks required by your old job.

That said, compensation to which you may be entitled, depending on your on-the-job injury, often includes permanent partial disability and benefits for loss of bodily function. In addition, you may be entitled to industrial disability payments that are above and beyond those of normal workers’ compensation. These payments compensate for loss of ability to do jobs for which you would have been qualified and skilled, but now cannot perform. You are also eligible for all past and future medical treatment and may be compensated if an injury gets worse – you have the right to reopen a case in some circumstances. You may also have rights if you injured two extremities, giving you the right to compensation for both or compensation based on some loss of function to the whole body.

Because of the variability and complexity of these cases, it is extremely important to obtain the strongest and most experienced representation possible.

Davenport, Iowa & Clinton Medical And Wage Benefits Attorney

Lawyer Leanne Tyler is committed to bringing her decades of experience to secure maximum compensation for injured workers throughout Iowa. By using a personal approach, she will work directly with you to fully determine your circumstances, injury and what compensation you may be entitled. She will do everything possible to secure the compensation you deserve to elevate your quality of life in the wake of such a tragedy, or loss.

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