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Workers’ compensation mistakes can undermine a claim

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

No one plans for it. An accident at work can be not only career-ending but also life-changing. A promising career is now at stake as you face an uncertain future. The slightest error can result in the most catastrophic consequences.

The process of workers’ compensation is complicated. Missteps can undermine the benefits you are entitled to under the law, impacting the amount of benefits or settlements.

Specific and costly errors include the following:

Delaying notification

The moment you suffer an injury, you need to immediately alert your employer, regardless of the severity of the damage. Delays only make a bad situation worse. Iowa law gives workers 90 days from the initial notice to complete and submit the form. Not adhering to the timeline can result in denying workers’ compensation benefits.

Failing to disclose previous accidents

One of the most frequent errors is not letting your employer know of your injury. The consequences could lead to a loss of all compensation. Various reasons for non-disclosure include an accident considered minor or fear of losing your job. Full disclosure is vital when filling out documents for doctor appointments, insurance adjusters, or case managers.

Not reporting all injuries.

Many workers suffer multiple injuries while on the job. Informing your doctor about the entire spectrum of damages is also essential to paint a complete picture of your overall health. Not mentioning these crucial facts will lead to reduced compensation and potential accusations of fraud. Documenting all questions pre- and post-therapy provides a much-needed paper trail.

Avoiding/refusing to return

Keeping your job requires you to resume your position once your injury has healed. Refusing to return to your job is a significant error. Even declining a job offer because you don’t think you have the qualifications or accepting a lesser salary could have severe consequences.


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