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2 mistakes that injured workers in Iowa make too often

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation insurance is available for almost all employees in Iowa. Employers carry coverage to protect them from financial claims of workers who get hurt on the job. Employees can count on benefits to cover their medical care costs and to replace a portion of their lost wages. Whether you work part-time at a local shop or full-time as a construction professional, workers’ compensation can protect you after an injury at work.

Despite coverage being mandatory in most workplaces, getting benefits is never a sure thing. Some people have to appeal denied claims or face intense negotiations related to their benefits claims.

One of the two mistakes below could significantly complicate your attempt to secure workers’ compensation benefits.

You don’t report your injury

You need to tell your employer right away if you get hurt on the job. Many businesses expect you to support the injury the same day or a diagnosis within 24 hours. The reason for such strict policies is that your employer is subject to state requirements for rapid reporting after an injury. If you take too long to report an injury or diagnosis, it may affect your claim later.

They don’t follow medical directions

If the doctor who examines you after your injury tells you that you won’t be able to lift anything at work and need to rest for several days, it is easy to decide that you can just power through despite their recommendations.

Especially if they recommend something invasive, like surgery, or time-consuming, like physical therapy, you may not agree with their treatment recommendations and might prefer just ignore your symptoms.

However, when you don’t follow medical recommendations after a work injury, you can affect your right to future benefits. The insurance company can potentially claim that your non-compliance is why you need more care or a lengthy leave of absence from work.

When you report your injury in a timely manner and follow through with a doctor’s recommendation, including advising your employer of any limitations, you will make it easier for you to get benefits when you need them. Avoiding the most common workers’ compensation claim mistakes can help injured workers get the support they need.


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