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What if my workers’ comp claim is denied?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

When you suffer an injury at work, you likely aren’t that familiar with the workers’ compensation process. Yet, you expect your workers’ comp claim to move forward and to receive your benefits. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Instead, you discover your employer’s insurance provider denied your workers’ compensation claim. What should you do then?

When your workers’ compensation claim is denied

You can be denied your workers’ compensation benefits for several different reasons, including:

  • You didn’t report your injury within 90 days of it occurring or you experiencing symptoms.
  • There were no witnesses to you suffering your injury at work.
  • Your employer disputes that your injury occurred at work or because of your work duties.
  • You didn’t provide enough medical evidence to show your injury was the result of your workplace duties.
  • You didn’t seek medical treatment for your injury or you didn’t follow your doctor’s treatment plan for your injury.
  • There are discrepancies in your workers’ compensation claim and your medical records.

Appealing a denied workers’ comp claim

If you have your workers’ comp benefits denied, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. You can appeal your workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can help prepare your appeal and negotiate your dispute with your employers’ workers’ compensation provider. If needed, your attorney can represent your interests in a hearing with a deputy workers’ compensation commissioner.

You shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay your bills after suffering a workplace injury. If you face a denied workers’ compensation claim, you have a right to dispute that decision and work to receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.


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