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Being injured at work could lead to anxiety

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

There is a strong link between physical injury and mental health issues that many people do not talk about. If you have been recently injured in the workplace, it has likely led to a huge shift in your life. Until your accident, you may have led an active life, and you were proud of your ability to provide an income for yourself and your loved ones. Being seriously injured can have a huge impact on our independence, meaning that we are unable to do even the simplest things such as get out of bed by ourselves or cook a meal.

To add to this feeling of helplessness, you may also be worried about your finances and your future. All of these stressors can lead a physically injured person to suffer mentally, too. The following is an overview of recognizing anxiety as a result of a work injury and taking appropriate action.

Naming the emotion

Many people go through feelings of anxiety and even anxiety attacks without knowing what they are. They may go through a sudden, intense sense of panic and even believe that they are having a heart attack. If you are going through these experiences, it is important to speak to a medical professional and rule out any physical illnesses. Simply understanding these sensations as anxiety can help you to move forward.

Know that anxiety is treatable

Anxiety can feel especially scary because it can feel like a dark and lonely place that you will never get out of. While it may feel like this, the truth is that anxiety is highly treatable through medication and therapy, and you may be able to have this treatment paid for by workers’ compensation benefits if you can show a causal link.

Filing for workers’ compensation in good time is important so that you can treat the physical and mental symptoms of your recent work-related injury.


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