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Do you understand your rights to workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is the support and care of individuals who suffered injuries in work-related accidents. You may know that you have a rightful claim to this financial support after suffering an injury in a workplace accident, but it is beneficial to understand this process and what to expect when filing a claim.

Most employers are required to carry this type of insurance. This offers employers a certain amount of protection because by seeking these specific benefits, an employee relinquishes his or her right to sue. An Iowa employee has security knowing that support is available in the event of a workplace accident.

The details of how workers’ compensation works

Simply put, the intent of workers’ compensation benefits is to allow a worker to secure needed financial support after a workplace accident without the need for litigation. You may understand these benefits on a basic level, but the following may be informative to you:

  • In most cases, you cannot sue your employer after you seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, a third-party claim may be appropriate in some situations.
  • Fault does not factor into workers’ compensation claims. Regardless of who is to blame, if you were hurt at work, you likely have a claim to these benefits.
  • Workers’ compensation benefits are also available for occupational illnesses and the worsening of preexisting conditions due to work conditions.

There are exceptions to what injuries could qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits. Many workers find it beneficial to seek guidance as they decide whether they have a valid claim for benefits and how to move forward with the claims process.

After an accident in the workplace, your first priority after securing necessary medical care is to report the accident to your employer. At that point, you can move forward with completing your claim.

Guidance for the process

The workers’ compensation process is not always easy, even for a person who has a valid injury claim. You will find it beneficial to seek guidance from the very beginning, even before you complete your claims paperwork.

A complete case evaluation can help you understand the legal options available to you and how you can secure the compensation you need and deserve after an accident at work. You may feel overwhelmed by financial losses and time missed from work, but it is prudent to take quick action to receive the support available to you.


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