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Do forklift hazards make your work difficult?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

It’s no secret that some jobs are more dangerous than others. If you come close to forklifts on the job, you likely understand just how dangerous going to work can be. Forklifts are often used in construction, excavation and agricultural work and can accomplish tasks that may have once been nearly impossible. You’ve probably heard the saying that prevention is the best medicine, which may be true if you’re talking about how to avoid forklift injuries.

When you’re on the job, you know there’s a certain amount of risk involved; however, you probably don’t go to work every day expecting to suffer serious injury. Since most accidents occur very unexpectedly, it’s always good to research current safety precautions ahead of time and to know where to turn for help if you are injured in a workplace mishap.

Beware these forklift risks

You don’t necessarily have to be the one operating a forklift to suffer injury. Many such accidents involve people who merely happened to be in the vicinity of one of these massive machines. Following, is a list of potential hazards associated with forklifts:

  • Falls: The height of a forklift creates a significant risk to operators. If you fall off one of these machines, you are likely to suffer severe injuries.
  • Struck by the vehicle: If you think of the types of injuries that occur when a slow-moving car strikes a pedestrian, you can imagine how serious an injury might be if a moving forklift truck strikes you.
  • Falling truck loads: Many forklift situations are unstable, such as when a truck is hauling a heavy load. If a load falls off a forklift and lands on you, it may be a life or death situation.
  • Become trapped: If you operate a forklift, be very wary of the area between the mast and the overhead guard. Many forklift operators have suffered serious injuries when trapped between these machine parts.

If you’re using or are around forklifts on the job, it’s your employer’s responsibility to make sure you receive proper training that includes all pertinent safety precaution information and he or she is also obligated to provide any safety clothing or equipment necessary to avoid injury. If you are injured in a forklift accident, it may be some time before you can return to work, if ever. The extenuating problems such situations can cause are many.

Many Iowa workers injured in forklift accidents and other workplace disasters reach out to experienced workers’ comp attorneys for help. There’s a set process in place to report such incidents and to claim benefits meant to cover your medical expenses and replace lost wages. All of this is above and beyond the traumatic emotional aspects you may be dealing with after a forklift accident. A strong support network can help you achieve as full a recovery as possible.


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