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July 2019 Archives

Do you know the risks of your job in the production industry?

The production industry in Iowa encompasses everything from the plastics to battery manufacturing, and each production facility has unique safety hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers must inform employees of all the on-the-job dangers they will encounter. Unfortunately, many business owners do not comply. Whether it is equipment-related or weather-related hazards, you might need to look out for your own safety. Manufacturing and assembling products typically involves operating production equipment that poses multiple safety hazards. Then there is the inspection of finished items and moving them to the shipping department or other locations. It makes sense to attend all safety training sessions. Even if you have heard it all, one more reminder of the hazards might keep you vigilant and safe.

Accidents are not the only hazards truckers face

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the trucking industry is responsible for more work-related fatalities than any other occupation nationwide, including Iowa. Although a significant number of deaths in this industry result from accidents, the nature of their jobs causes many occupational injuries to commercial truck drivers.


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