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October 2018 Archives

A cat has 9 lives, but how many near misses can you survive?

How many times have you thanked your lucky stars when incidents that could have claimed your life only left you shaken? Workplaces in all industries in Iowa expose employees to safety hazards, and each company has safety protocols in place to address those dangers. However, it is an ongoing process that needs updating whenever a near-miss incident occurs.

Attention Iowa workers: These accidents are common!

Whether you go to work in an office every day or applied for a construction job because you like to be outdoors and building things, like most Iowa workers, you have probably gotten so used to your job that you could do some of it blindfolded. While it's good to be skilled and knowledgeable about your work, it can also be dangerous because you might fall into the bad habit of taking safety for granted.  


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